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2024 Pricing Plans

This new website will not recognize your user name and password from the old website. You will have to set up a new account. Thank you for your understanding!

All emails will now come from Pony Up Polo Boosters.

If you need assistance, come by the Information Desk in the Grandstand. We can process you membership and give you your new cards.

Pre-sale of season tickets before the general public​
Extra matches on select days throughout th
e season
Season opening and closing parties 

Fun educational classes
Barn tours
Potential trips to Barbados, Wellington IPC, Sarasota Polo Club
10% discount at The Final Chukker 

Subscription to Club Newsletters


                          2024 Membership is an annual fee, valid from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

                                            This membership includes both Spring and Fall seasons. 




New membership cards and lanyards are now available for pickup.


Membership cards will be available at the Pony Up Polo Boosters Information Desk in the Grandstand before matches and during the divot stomp. 

If you would like to pick up your membership card after you purchase it, it will be available 48 hours after your order at:  1068 Wilder Path in the Village of Chitty Chatty.  There is a box by the front door so no need to arrange a time. Please take one lanyard per membership card.

Please use the single, $15 membership for each person with an email address. This will ensure that person also receives Boosters emails and has full access to membership features. Otherwise, add the additional names in the comment section.


Select Annual Membership

  • *****

    2024 Membership

    Valid for one year
    • 1 Membership
  • 2024 Membership 2 Members

    1 email - with 2 members
    Valid for one year
    • This allows you to have 2 members with 1 email address
  • 2024 Membership 3 Members

    1 email - with 3 members
    Valid for one year
    • This allows you to have 2 members on 1 email
  • 2024 Membership 4 Members

    1 email - with 4 members
    Valid for one year
    • This allows you to have 4 members with 1 email address
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