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Photo from The Daily Sun newspaper dated 12/22/2007


The Polo Cheerleaders have been a fixture at The Villages Sunday polo matches for over 20 years, having made their first appearance on October 1, 2000, when the sport of polo was just getting started in The Villages. The current squad, ranging in ages from 49 to 86, is comprised of members from multiple countries who bring their diverse life experiences to form the enthusiastic squad seen cheering after each chukker at the Sunday polo matches.  It has been said on more than one occasion that these cheerleaders are the only ones in the country who cheer specifically for the sport of polo.   Most of the polo cheerleaders joined the squad without having any prior cheerleading experience.  But what they all brought with them was an enthusiasm for the game of polo and a zest for living life to its fullest — something that living in The Villages just naturally brings out.  Just look at those big smiles.
It is interesting to note that years ago in the early development of The Villages, the two polo teams playing represented different named villages during each match.  And each village had their own squad of polo cheerleaders who cheered at the matches when their villages were represented.  The original group of cheerleaders hailed from the Villages of Polo   Ridge and Glenbrook and cheered for their sponsored team “PoloGlen.” Many things have changed over the years.  Now there is one squad of talented polo cheerleaders who cheer for every team, every player, every fan, the Polo Boosters,   the Polo Club and The Villages.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and adds to the exciting polo experience for everyone  attending a polo match.   

The cheerleaders’ faces, like the cheers and the uniforms, have changed and evolved over the past 20+ years.  Everyone   who has had the privilege of being a part of this wonderful team has said that there is nothing as exciting as hearing the roar of the crowd and the pounding of the polo ponies hooves as they run the field from one end to the other.   
Come and see for yourself and join in the excitement of the polo experience.  Come and join in the stomping of the divots.  Come and join in the tailgating party.  And bring your enthusiasm.  You never know, maybe you too can be a polo cheerleader.

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